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Statue of Liberty Tablet

The Statue of Liberty tablet is grasped by the left hand of the Lady Liberty along with the torch being held in the opposite hand is considered as one of the highlights of the very famous historical landmark.



The Statue of Liberty tablet contains an inscription of a text or series of letters which is actually the date of the United States of America's day of Independence (the year being written in Roman numerals): JULY IV MDCCLXXVI or the July 4, 1776.

Like many other features of the Statue of Liberty, the stone tablet is open to various symbolism and the accompanying interpretations to each. For one, Statue of Liberty tablet is symbol of the importance of commemorating historical events that happen to each nation.

The reason for this is because the date of one of the most important historical events that happened to the United States was inscribed there. Generally, it is a belief that without acknowledging history, a nation can never successfully progress to new levels of enlightenment.

To explicate further, a nation, together with its students, should learn from the experiences it underwent so that they can apply the lessons obtained to the present context and create progress. And, since one of the most important days of American history is inscribed into the Statue of Liberty tablet, it just proves how important it is for Americans to never forget that they day they declared their independence from Great Britain defines who they are now.

Another possible interpretation is that the Statue of Liberty tablet actually represents a book, and that book represents the power of knowledge. Knowledge is indeed power, and its power is potent to change and reform society.

The statue highlights the importance of knowledge by holding the stone tablet so close to her chest, where the heart is actually located. If we will interpret this even further, we can sense how vital it is for a nation to instill the gift of knowledge to the hearts of the people as a way of solidifying progress and edifying the moral state of each of its citizens.

One last possible interpretation that can be implied to the Statue of Liberty tablet is the notion of associative enlightenment together with the torch. Clearly, the torch is the primary symbol of enlightenment, but the tablet can also imply the importance of being enlightened in order to receive the gift of knowledge and to pursue the passions residing within one's heart.

It was during the time of the statue's creation that the world was experiencing a global scientific revolution wrought by the worldwide impact of the Enlightenment period. And it is also during these times that all the revolutionary and civil wars were fought in response to the growing demand of freedom and independence in both the U. S. and abroad.

Because of the importance of these historical events, they were put into a special position where all the legacies of the past should be imprinted, namely, the heart. And as previously mentioned, the proximity of the Statue of Liberty tablet to the chest implies a certain relationship that connects and highlights the two important elements necessary for a nation to prosper, which includes knowledge and passion.