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Statue of Liberty Tiara

The Statue of Liberty tiara or crown actually consists of seven spikes that represent the seven continents and oceans that we have on this planet. And just for the sake of trivia, it will take prospective visitors a total of 354 stairs for them to be able to reach the Statue of Liberty tiara.



Right now, the design of the Liberty's tiara is being copied and is now being used as a design by some major fashion companies on producing some of its crown accessories. Like many other parts of the Liberty's figure, the tiara had also become a subject of various interpretations of why it was designed that way.

Although it has been clearly established that the original meaning of the seven spikes was to represent the seven continents and seas as previously mentioned, many are still digging deeper of what could have been on Bartholdi's mind of why pointed spikes out of all the other possible patterns was incorporated into the Liberty's crown.

For some, the spikes, being the topmost part of the Statue of Liberty crown that points upward, represents the importance for the whole United States of America to always seek the help and guidance of the Heavenly Creator, which is the Christian God. The believers of this interpretation are glad that the brilliant French sculptor managed to incorporate the much need Christian values of America today, simply because they believe that Christian values and virtues are what American society lack nowadays.

For a majority of others however, they believe that the tiara spikes represent unity more than anything else. If we will observe, once the Liberty's crown loses one of its spikes, it will not be the same as ever again. This is now parallel to the idea that our society will eventually fall apart if its constituting elements, which is basically the people, will continue to be divided and not unified towards national progress.

But, there are also a few that attached allusions of bravery or courage to the spikes alone, and this is because the nature of the crowns having pointed spikes just aptly represents how brave or courageous the whole United States of America has been through the years. For these believers, the concept of bravery is very important and they are content that this virtue was symbolized by the spikes' apparent staggering feature.

Overall, despite the numerous interpretations that exist regarding the Statue of Liberty tiara, it is still undeniable that the crown itself, whether it has spikes or not, still symbolizes power and unity above all. It symbolizes power because of the historical allusions that we can connect into it.

Rulers and other heads of state have been crowned, and for this to be incorporated the America's most famous historical landmark just conveys our superpower status as a country. On the other hand, it symbolizes unity because of its circular feature.

One other interpretation of the meaning behind the Statue of Liberty crown is one of enlightenment. Like the meaning behind the Statue of Liberty tablet and the Statue of Liberty torch, the message of enlightenment may also be inferred from the tiara as well. This is because the crown resembles the sun's rays streaming upwards from Lady Liberty's head as would happen symbolically if a person were enlightened.

So, the Statue of Liberty tiara has several differing meanings depending upon who you are and what you choose to see in the symbolism. There is no doubt, however, that this crown fit for a king, fits this one lady perfectly.