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Statue of Liberty Ferry

The Statue of Liberty ferry is a must ride for visitors. Tourists on their way to New York City are often asked, are you going to see the Statue of Liberty? That is right, thousands brave the inconveniences just to visit the Statue of Liberty. It is the world's symbol of freedom and countless others suffering from oppression. Rightfully so, but how then can we visit the Statue on an island at the mouth of New York City harbor?



You will have to board the Statue of Liberty ferry to cross the channel, that's it. Though you actually have two options for the ferry ride.

Board the ferry from Battery Park in New York City or at the Liberty State Park at the New Jersey City side. Both ferry rides bring park visitors to the Statue of Liberty National Monument on Liberty Island and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum on Ellis Island.

If you are taking one of the supervised cruises, the assembly point is midtown Manhattan. The licensed tour guide will be with you on the subway up to Battery Park then on board the Statue of Liberty ferry across the channel. While on the ferry, the tour guide will orient tourists about the history of the Statue of Liberty, the design, the sculptor, the fund raising, the shipment of the different components and then the construction. At the end of the tour, the tour guide will help you board the Statue of Liberty ferry on your ride back.

For those out for sightseeing, with no intentions of disembarking at the Statue of Liberty, they can take the Staten Island Ferry at the eastern end of Battery Park, a stone's throw from the Statue of Liberty ferry docks. The ride takes you across the New York harbor on to the Statue of Liberty to view the exhilarating Manhattan skyline and it takes about an hour for the round trip. It is the best way to experience the view of the Statue and the Manhattan skyline and it actually would cost you nothing since the ride is free.

When you're taking the regular Statue of Liberty ferry the process is tedious. Expect a 45-minute waiting time for the tickets because of the snake-like queues. And then another hour to board the ferry for security precaution measures. You can book your tickets online, but you still have to go downtown to pick it up at designated booking outlets. Lastly, your trip to Lady Liberty must not be scheduled during weekends and holidays since the crowds will be unbearable.

Due to the complaints aired by park visitors on ferry rides, the National Park Service is transferring exclusive concession from Circle Line to Statue Cruises LLC. Circle Line has been the Statue of Liberty ferry for over 50 years and starting January 1 the new ferry service provider will begin its operations. Hopefully Statue Cruises LLC will honor their commitment to reduce waiting lines in terms of ticketing and boarding.

Everybody has been encouraged to book their tickets online and for convenience, patrons can even print their own tickets through their personal computers. Moreover, podcasts will be available for downloading to ease waiting time especially when boarding.

The Statue of Liberty ferry will still be available 7 days a week all year long (except on Christmas Day, December 25). Round trip ferry tickets cost $11.50 for adults and $4.50 for children.