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Statue of Liberty Facts

It was in the year 1886 when the country of France presented a colossal statue to the United States as a gift or token of camaraderie. Many of us are familiar with this being one of the most monumental and historical symbols that this world has ever seen. Also called Liberty Enlightening the World, we now popularly know her as the Statue of Liberty.



Moreover, the statue also holds a tablet made out of stone close to her chest and a torch that on her right hand lifted up high.

Right now, the Statue of Liberty is one of most famous and recognizable icons that can ever be associated to the United States of America. Strategically positioned at the mouth of the Hudson River found near the harbor of New York, it now appears as if it stands to welcome all visitors coming inside the United States.

Here are some additional Statue of Liberty facts for your enlightenment.

Statue of Liberty Facts 1: The Statue of Liberty, towering at 151-feet, 1-inch, is situated on Liberty Island in the state of New York.

Statue of Liberty Facts 2: The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on the October 18, 1886, and ten years after when the United States commemorated its centennial anniversary.

Statue of Liberty Facts 3: The statue's material is basically made out of copper and was delicately sculpted by the great sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, a Frenchman.

Statue of Liberty Facts 4: Lady Liberty's color is now green because of a chemical reaction process called oxidation that happened between the metal's reactions to the seawater that surrounds it.

Statue of Liberty Facts 5: One obvious element that can be seen from the statue is the tiara that has seven spikes, which represents the seven continents and seas on our planet.

According to many historians, the statue has always played a significant role of welcoming millions of immigrants for decades (and even up to now) that are on a voyage to enter America and possibly seek some shelter and greater opportunities in the land. But, if we analyze the essence of statue much deeper, we will later find out that it can be represent many things or meanings, and one of that is the value of freedom or the idea of finally being free from the clutches of oppression.

The statue has already shown some great signs of decay and erosion due to acid rain over the years so the American government had launched some steps in the past in order to preserve this historical figure. In the 1983, a campaign was launched advocating the restoration of the Statue.

The campaign stated that for every purchase made by a consumer using his or her American Express Card, a penny of it would go to a fund to be used to restore the statue back to its healthy state. This campaign became successful for it generated $1.7 million, an amount that was enough to begin much awaited restoration process.

On the day of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the Statue of Liberty was closed as it was also a possible terrorist target. The monument was once again reopened on August 3, 2004 and remains open today.