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What does the Statue Liberty Represent or Symbolize?

The Statue of Liberty is located in the United States of America on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. It has always been a symbol of hope and freedom for Americans. However, there has been a lot that is said about what this status depicts.


For every immigrant who reaches America for the first time, this Lady of Liberty becomes their first sight, which they will never forget for the rest of their lives. On the other hand, the statue is a welcoming sight for every individual who has been born and brought up in New York.

Similarly, many poets and authors have tried to explain the multi dimensional concepts that the Statue of Liberty symbolizes. Still, it is difficult to depict the meaning of everything that Lady Liberty portrays in simple words.

The face of the Statue of Liberty is firm. It is determined but not severe. There is a grace that a woman should possess however there is also will power that reflects from her demeanor. This expression is one of the classical interpretations of liberty all across the globe.

The crown that is worn by the Lady of Liberty is said to have been modeled after the Colossus of Rhodes. This is a popular belief. The Colossus of Rhodes is one amongst the wonders of the ancient world. It is also assumed that the number of spokes that are there on the crown symbolize the number of continents in the world, which is seven.

Another facet about the statue that inspires men and women around the globe are the shackles that lay at the feet of the Statue of Liberty. This strongly represents the attainment of freedom. It shows how the Statue of Liberty (that symbolizes America) has been set free and represents taking its step towards progress.

The torch in the hands of Liberty statue represents the pursuit of America towards enlightenment. Many of you might not be aware of the fact that the complete name of this statue is "Liberty Enlightening the World". The torch is aflame depicting the passionate desire to achieve enlightenment.

There is a book, which is grasped in the other hand of the Lady Liberty. This is a bound book that has the date of independence of America inscribed onto it. July 4 1776, is an important day in the history of the United States of America. This is the day when the group of states adopted the "Declaration of Independence". This date is engraved into the book that is held in the hands of the Statue of Liberty and symbolizes and end to tyranny in the U. S.

There a belief that is popular about Lady Liberty, but it is a myth. Many feel that the feet of the statue are stationary. They are not. If you look closely you'll see the Statue of Liberty has her feet that are stepping forward. This symbolizes that Lady Liberty is walking and advancing with the torch of freedom and enlightenment in her hands. She is keen on spreading this independence in every nook and corner of the world.

Therefore, the Statue of Liberty is a combination of all these symbols and representations.